Compression Boots & No Caffeine

The fourth and final week of National Wellness Month is here and it might just be one of the most challenging weeks yet. As you all know, we are obsessed with coffee, and in celebration of our Adrenal Reset launch next Monday we have decided to trial NO caffeine after midday this week — that means no coffee, no energy drinks and no green tea. 

Luckily, our new Adrenal Reset Mocha decaf blend has just landed at BYS HQ, meaning for the next 5 days, this will be the only coffee we are allowed after 12pm! (Talk about a mental struggle!) Those of you who have been following along with the BYS journey since the beginning will know that our Co-Founders have a minimum of 3 cups of coffee per day… So this really will be the test of all time.

In addition to having no caffeine after 12pm, we will also be trialling Recovery Lab Compression Boots which aim to enhance our recovery with state-of-the-art muscle compression. For some of our team members who train rigorously, this will be a lifesaver for those post-workout DOMS. But what are compression boots?

“Compression boot technology helps to increase the venous return and rapidly accelerates the body’s reabsorption of elements causing muscle fatigue and soreness. This technology effectively removes metabolic waste faster than any traditional method of recovery or rest alone and is based on the latest clinical studies on muscle physiology and sports injury recovery.”

Compression Boot Benefits

  • Increase sleep
  • Increase circulation
  • Increase mobility
  • Reduce lactate 
  • Reduce swelling
  • Reduce muscle soreness

While the compression boots might be quite relaxing, the first few days of no caffeine after midday will be a different story. However, with the aid of the Adrenal Reset, better nights of sleep are definitely forecasted for this week! Studies show that consuming excessive amounts of caffeine over an extended period of time can, in fact, damage your adrenals, causing adrenal fatigue. 

Do you ever find yourself reaching for another coffee or energy drink feeling like the last one just hasn’t affected your energy levels? Well, this is due to your adrenals working overtime to try and produce more cortisol, eventually creating an intolerance to the effects of caffeine. 

You don’t have to completely give up coffee to ‘reset’ your adrenals, this is where our Adrenal Reset comes in handy. This decaffeinated beauty is packed full of carefully selected ingredients to help reduce stress, anxiety, fight fatigue and aid your sleep cycle. A potent mix of adaptogens, amino acids and minerals that assists with muscle recovery. 

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