Meditation & Acupressure

Week two of Wellness Month is here and we will be transitioning into daily Meditation sessions and trialling Acupressure using the Shakti Mat. We had a successful first week as the team tried Cold Exposure & Red Light Therapy, with very different outcomes and opinions. 

Wellness isn’t just about the physical health and wellness of your body, but also your mind. Mindfulness meditation assists in training your mind to focus on the present, preventing rumination of anxious thoughts that can fuel depression and stress. It is a holistic approach to achieving overall health and wellness of the mind, body and soul. 

Studies show that mindfulness meditation has a boasting list of impressive health benefits that can help calm feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, aid your sleep cycle, improve self-esteem and self-awareness, and increase cognitive function. 

In addition to Meditation, the team will trial the Shakti Mat — a form of acupressure which is based on the same principles of acupuncture. Rather than piercing the skin, the sharp spikes apply pressure to skin and muscles supporting relaxation, restful sleep, mental clarity and general well-being.

Acupressure Benefits:

  1. Prompts your body to produce powerful pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory hormones, such as endorphins.
  2. Releases the muscle tension and spasms that are often the cause of back pain, migraines and restricted blood flow. 
  3. Promotes blood circulation.
  4. Reduces stress.
  5. Relaxed body and mind.
  6. Blocks the pain messages from reaching the central nervous system.  

We invite you to join us each day for the next week and spend 10 minutes a day practising mindfulness meditation and assess how you feel both physically, emotionally and spiritually at the end of the week. Some great apps for Guided Meditations are Bloom, Calm and Headspace (some of which have free 7-day free trials).

Follow along our journey for behind the scenes via our socials and join us in trialling everyday health hacks! Keep an eye out as we will be trialling new health trends each week and if you think there is a hack we need to try or debunk let us know on Instagram!  

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