We Tried It: Compression Boots & No Caffeine

That’s a wrap! We spent the last 4 weeks putting the latest health hacks to the test for National Wellness Month, and what an eventful month it was. For the final week, we went out with a bang, trialling 
NO caffeine after midday, which was truly the test of all time for the BYS Team. With many tired eyes around the office as the 3 pm slump hit, we all found ourselves craving that coffee hit, but alas… THERE WAS DECAF! Luckily for us, our brand new Adrenal Reset Mocha landed in the warehouse earlier this week, which was a lifesaver helping us relax into the afternoon.

With some expected failed attempts at trying to abstain from caffeine after 12 pm (*cough Jaryd and Harro cough*) it was a surprising success with the majority of the team sticking to their guns. 

When asking for quotes from the team on their experiences this week, this group message was the first thing to come to mind. 

“Folks, I’m going to be honest. I have a problem/addiction. I’m giving in to this 'no coffee after midday thing' lol I can’t deal. Sorry I failed! Love BYS too much” — Andrew, Head of Wholesale  

The team definitely began to feel the caffeine withdrawals kick in by Wednesday afternoon, however, the sleeps have been glorious thanks to the aid of our new Adrenal Reset. 

"I miss my 2-3 pm Coffee in the arvo, it gives me the kick in the butt I need to finish the day strong" — Scarlett, Head of Brand Partnerships

“Adrenal was a saviour for an afternoon fix” — Allira, Wholesale Accounts

With probably 70% of the team sticking to the no caffeine after 12 health hack, we would like to commend Strath, our graphic designer, for going the entire week without caffeine… How he has done it will be a mystery to us! 

In addition to our caffeine hiatus, we trialled Recovery Lab Compression Boots which aim to enhance recovery with state-of-the-art muscle compression. 

“The compression boots were a weird experience! Like having your blood pressure taken on a much bigger scale. Afterwards, my legs felt really good, I definitely noticed an increase in circulation. I’d be keen to try these again with fatigued leg muscles to see if it speeds up recovery.” — Brassy, Head of Creative

Studies show the compression boots may help improve quality of sleep, mobility, blood circulation and reduce muscle soreness and inflammation. 

“I felt like my legs were going to explode, but now I feel like Max Power” — Joel, Videographer

What a month of team bonding, laughs, and revelations — National Wellness Month has been one for the history books here at BYS. We have been debunking the latest health trends and testing out what works and doesn’t work for each team member. Many of these health hacks will be incorporated into our everyday lives — maybe not the 'no caffeine after midday' though, we couldn't live without BYS.

What was your favourite health hack of the month?

We would love to hear from you and what may or may not have worked for you! So drop us a line on socials and come have a chat! 🤗

Watch our Wellness Month wrap-up Vlog here.

Wellness Month Vlog