We Tried It: Fasting & Facials


Week 3 has come to an end, the team spent this week trialling 16:8 intermittent fasting and boy there were some hangry souls around the office.

We also decided as a team to try and fast for 24 hours on Wednesday.  The sitch here is, our Graphic Designer doesn’t work on Wednesdays’ and is the only one who attempted it, while we were all devouring our delicious lunches, he was utterly oblivious. When he checked in with the team, we may have fooled him into believing we were all struggling. It is safe to say he wasn’t impressed when he found out. Ha! Sorry, Strath. 

"For me, I would like to continue fasting on my rest days, I feel like maintaining the 16:8 on the days I workout would drive me to be quite hangry. But 100% I am going to keep fasting a few days a week, maybe even throw in a sneaky 24hour fast to give it a go!" — Scarlett, Head of Brand Partnerships

16:8 Intermittent fasting is a prevalent form of fasting, which studies have shown many potential benefits, including weight loss, boosting metabolism, increased energy, reduced insulin resistance and mental clarity. However, this plan is not always right for everyone, and some may struggle to consume a sufficient amount of food within the 8 hours, while others thrive.


Have you ever heard of kale nail polish? Neither have we, but using pantry staples are fast becoming famous beauty concoctions. We mean, take a look at what our Co-Founder thought when he first heard about our facial recipe.

“Did the girls just make up those ingredients... I'm sceptical. Plain yoghurt? Surely not.” — Jaryd, Co-Founder

Studies show that a chemical compound found within curcumin assists in clearing acne due to its antibacterial properties. When applied topically, turmeric can help reduce redness and inflammation, reduce dark circles, protect against sun damage, and soothe dry skin. 

Despite the hangry office vibes, the 16:8 method of fasting was a success. To assist us in keeping track of our 16 hour fast, we used The Routine Journal to hold us accountable. The Routine allowed us to track what meals, snacks and water we consumed and when. It has everything for helping you achieve your goals, to positive habits, and self-development commitments. Perfect for helping us continue our mindful meditation from last week! You can check out The Routine here.